Friday, June 15, 2012

DIViji: Living Room

Aside from a few small projects that we might tackle down the road, my work at Viji's is done.  

So many lessons.
Such little time.
So much spray paint.

Let me start walking you through the transformation.

Viji's Living Room BEFORE:

Viji's Living Room AFTER:

That's right, Coco Dreamland.

It is now regal, inviting and fit for belly dancing soirees.

Seriously.  I was there when the belly dancer balanced the sword on her bazongas. The room beckoned her.

Besides the new chocolate walls and a few accoutrements, the significant changes in the room were:

~ A few coats of gold spray paint to Viji's old wood coffee table and end tables.

~ A new area rug from Home Depot

~ A new DIY accent chair

~ New curtains

~ Redone lamps

Here is one of the lamps BEFORE:

And with some spray paint, hand painted gold detail, spray acrylic and a new shade, here it is AFTER:

A few weeks after we finished the lamps, I received my Jonathan Adler email newsletter featuring his new electra lamp for $345.  

I know right?!  He totally made a knock off!

Oh well, somebody needs to set the trends and it might as well be Viji and I.

~ And the last change:  The piano was moved to a different room.

Not by me.  Although, I did call Jen to come over after school and help me lift the piano up the two steps out of the living room area and wheel it over to its new home.

That day's lessons?

Pianos are heavy.

And my copay for the chiropractor is $15.

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