Friday, June 8, 2012

Isaac's Crib: A Place To Chill

Finally.  Isaac has a place that he can relax and put his feet up after a long night in the Talk Stick Casino poker room. 

Maybe listening to his Baby Queen CD.  Perhaps having a nightcap.

Always enjoying the sophistication of his solid wood, contemporary parlor chair.

I wish that I could tell you that I whipped up that chair last weekend.  But the truth is that Isaac's dad, Jeff, constructed it back in high school.

The chair is in impeccable condition.  The cushion that has been on it for the past 15 years?  Not so much.  We bought a foam piece and coordinating fabric and constructed a new removable cushion cover.

I was so proud of myself for perfectly lining up the fabrics for the front of the cushion.  I/m serious, my headband was cutting off circulation from pride swelling.

It should have dawned on me that something was off with my gloat parade when there were no kids lining the streets to catch candy.

Just five minutes after my triumphant fist pump routine, I realized that I had looked at the measurements incorrectly.  The width was really the length and I had put the zipper on the side and the new front was as far off as I could have gotten it.

Normally, I would take it apart and fix the error of my ways.

Jen said that she would punch me if I did because it wasn't visible anyway.

I left it.  And I wasn't fired.

There were quilt pieces leftover, so I put them together as a back pillow for the chair.

Or a head pillow - if Isaac decides that he just doesn't have it in him to go to his crib and calls it quits in his throne.

Tutorial I followed for sewing a box cushion cover:  Design Sponge  --- except that I put the zipper corner to corner instead of wrapping it around.

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