Friday, March 9, 2012

Pain In The Glass

I finally made it down the way to pick up my fused glass efforts from February.

The bowl is pretty. I have love for it because I bled over it.

But, it isn't the love that makes me gasp and have a visual asthma attack from the shiny enchantment.

Nope. Not from my bowl.

That would be what happened when I saw Jonathan Adler's Puppy Uppers Canister.

Visually, of course, beautiful and amusing.

Personally, though, funny because Mr. Schatze is diligently trying to train our naptastic snuggle dog, Roldy, to play. He gets a treat when he runs and noses the ball after it has been rolled across the floor. Another treat when he carries the rope toy back to Mr Schatze after a toss...carries on his back after I gently place it there because he refuses to pick it up with his teeth.

If anyone could use some puppy uppers it is Mr. Schatze. Roldy just wants a tin of 'Owner Cuddle Mints."

My bowl does match the glasses nicely. I just wish I wouldn't have tried to do an exact match of the styles. Instead maybe doing a pattern with the different colored thin strips like the red around the border. 

If this were a garment, the judges of Project Runway would tell me that I was way too literal in this adaptation. Agreed.

The pendants are kind of merry. Merry in a "I don't have enough gray hair to actually wear them as a pendant but will turn them into fridge magnets" sort of way.

Is it wrong to store your puppy uppers next to your glitter? You know, for cross contamination purposes?

No, not that way. I just don't want any crumbs in my glitter. It actually might be kind of magical to have a dog racing around the house farting out a glitter poof every few minutes.

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