Monday, March 19, 2012

Do I Smell Wahlburgers?

Excuse me if I yawn. I've just come off of a rambunctious weekend spent with Mr. Donnie Wahlberg.

Technically, I guess we could drop the 'Mr.' since the Donnie I frolicked with might still be in his teens.

I got the photo above from a shopper on Etsy who was hoping that the Jordan Knight heart stand was available in other NKOTB members. 

She didn't mention Donnie or include the photo in the first message. I was going to be an ass and ask, "Oh, are you interested in a Danny Wood stand?"  

No offense to Danny. He is lovely, but I've never met anyone who said that he was her/his favorite. I thought that she might be my first though, so I decided to reign it in.

Step 2, Wear a huge bandana so when your sweat mixes with all the gel and hairspray it doesn't burn your eyes.

Wait. I already feel bad about the Danny thing. Now I'm going to have to make something in his honor. It only feels right. Someday.

I like how Donnie's eyes follow you around no matter where you are, like one of those creepy haunted house paintings.

Donnie: La-la-la-la-la-la tonight?
Me: Sorry Donnie, you're headed off to a new special gir-iry-iry-iry-iry-irl.

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