Monday, March 5, 2012

School Days: Math is Wicked Hahd

Last Friday, I got to read The Lorax to 3rd graders for Read Across America day. It has been my go-to story, but now that the movie is out I need to retire it from my arsenal. I can't compete with Danny DeVito. The only two 'voices' I can do for stories are a raspy Marky Mark, which I used for the Once-ler and an uptight British chap that occasionally slips into an East Indian accent unintentionally, for the Lorax.

I wonder how Yertle the Turtle would sound as a throaty Mark Wahlberg? We'll see next year.

After the read fest, I checked out the status of the Math Facts Pizza.  At the beginning of the year, Teacher Jen wanted a big paper pizza for the wall that the kids could use to measure their math progress towards a class pizza party. I gave her huge, cloth and stuffed crust from fabric that I had on hand at home.

Each pizza ingredient represents one of their tests, so when the kids get a 90% on their 3-minute 100 problem addition test, then they get to add some cheese.  Pineapple pizza is my favorite so it earned the renowned division status.

This class of kids are meeting their math goals faster than any other year. 

I like to think it is the pizza. But, I know it is because they are just a ridiculously sharp group of future leaders.

They jumped into multi-facts test after Christmas and asked if I would make them sausages for the pizza.

When I checked on Friday there were already five greasy sausages on display.

A few Fridays ago when I dropped off the sausage chunkers, Teacher Jen showed them to the kids. I overheard this conversation as they were getting their backpacks after the meaty announcement.

Tall-snarky-whippersnapper that reminds me of myself:  Wow. Those sausages are pretty disturbing.
Tiny-blonde-Jenny-on-the-Spot: Hey. Be Nice! You are going to hurt Mrs. Heidi's feelings.

I laughed to myself and pretended not to hear.

Smart AND compassionate? Watch out world.

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