Thursday, March 15, 2012

Brain Constipation

My brain is bloated and encumbered.

Sometimes it is just what happens when I have a few projects up in the air and I lose the ability to focus on the one that I am working on right at that moment. Everything on the list tries to cram in and ends up clogging my synapses.

Individually, my head computer should be processing:

~ the final art project for Viji's
~ my first ever bridesmaids dress alteration
~ Jen's baby quilt, baby shower and custom dinosaur room adornments
~ the vines a craft fair acquaintance is having me paint on her decorative plates
~ the NKOTB Donnie Wahlberg stand request I got on Etsy

This morning, it was all swirling into a jumbled mess.  My eyes glazed over as I envisioned a beautiful vine wedding arch framing the lovebirds Viji and Donnie. The silky fuchsia fabric was running through my fingertips reminding me that I needed to design and sew a bridesmaids dress in time for the ceremony. Then I heard the sound of helium filling a balloon, only to turn and see that Donnie was suddenly 11 months preggers with Jen's baby dinosaur.

I've got issues.

In a past job I had a giant whiteboard that I would write all my ongoing projects on with their little sub tasks. After completing a task I could glance up, see the other priority items and then choose the next task.

What should I use now? I've tried some online to do lists and project management things, tried Evernote, and still use my thick notebook for notes and planning, but it isn't the same. Maybe I just need to get a giant whiteboard for home. Maybe it is just the way I operate best. Like I take normal dumps on the toilet, I need to take brain dumps on the white board.

Before I got to the point where Donnie was ready to deliver this morning, Roldy brought me back to the present. He needed to take care of business too, and there was a heavy patio door standing in his way.

As I watched him take care of his number one and number two priorities, it became clear to me that Viji art, Ivy plates and Donnie stand were my priorities. And in that order.

I am back in business.

But I still want any tips you have. And eventually a giant white board.

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