Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Isaac's Crib: Finishing Touches

My wait is over. 

The finishing details have been added to Isaac's Crib.

Feature number one:

The Isaac

I took that photo at the hospital when he was hours old, before I had to rush away to the airport.  I barely had any time to fill him in on current affairs or start going over Newton's laws.  Plus, I wasted the first few minutes sobbing in his little face because I was so relieved that he and his mom were healthy and that he heard my belly appeals,

"Isaac, listen.  Enter the world before my flight leaves and I will slip you a Lincoln every Tuesday to spend at your poker games. Don't tell your mom."

Feature number two:

The birth info in his empty frame.

He brought his parents over recently for some new pictures in the park by our house, and I added the graphics from his baby shower theme onto the image to show his stats.

I love the random family photo he picked out.

He is the whole package.

and Fun.

Now the room waits.

Waits for him to grow and explore so that they can each have their turn to step up.

The toys wait patiently in the frog bin for their first rousing lesson on force and velocity during games of "Newton's Second law."

The red dog butt hook waits, but wills too.  Wills Isaac to quickly grow tall enough to reach up, hang on him and free him from his drywall prison so he can run around the room on his own accord.  

Don't crush his dreams, but the anchor holding him in said he would die before letting go.  Sorry red dog butt.

The turtle waits for the day that he gets drug around the house.  And the day (please sweet baby turtle Jesus) that he gets thrown in the pool.  

The closet mirror waits for those sticky little hand prints to start working their way up her shine.  She used to take pride in her immaculate reflection, but now she wants the hugs.

The more finger prints left, the better.

At least the orange rug hasn't had to wait.  Isaac is already snuggling up on him while he reads.  

Reading is part of his routine after bathies and before online poker.

And now you wait.  Wait for him to start as a guest blogger.

Once classes start at ASU, he and I get to hang out on Tuesday's while his mom teaches.  He already told me that he wants his own column.

And 50% of any earnings from the Google ads.

I told him to bugger off.  That $1.18 a month is mine.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of it! The room, the baby, your witty sense of humor. Well done my friend!!