Thursday, August 16, 2012

heidi in Seattle: Sights

The weather in Seattle was perfect for renting a yacht and leisurely cruising the bay and sound whilst sipping champagne.  

I hope that someone managed to do that, because we didn't. 

We stuck to predictable and nerdy.

I'm always hesitant to drop cash just to go to the top of a high building. To see things all tiny and worry about falling over the edge.  In this case, it was magical watching the sun go down behind the mountains.  Reflecting off the water.  Oh, and you know that cheesy photo that they make you take in front of the green screen before you go up?  Yeah, they email it to you for free.  Well played Needle.

All the rumors I had heard about Pike Place Market?  All true.  Flying fish, smells that make your stomach dance, smells that make you sniff your pitts to make sure that it isn't you, $15 gigantic flower bouquets.  An extreme adventure for the senses.  My sister, Lorri, bought fresh flowers for her hotel room when she was there.  I want to be like her someday.

Ducks of Seattle

Anthony might tell you that there is no more obnoxious way to see Seattle than by the Duck boats.  I will tell you that it is worth every penny for the $2 duck bill quacker.  They are full of information, fun for all ages, and for a few bucks you can float a stones throw away from fancy schooners and pretend that you are in one of your own.  Until someone quacks in your ear.

We let our nerd flags fly on a segway tour.  I don't even remember much of the tour info -- I was in it for the ride.  Breezing by city landmarks.  Maintaining perfect segway form.  You know, shoulders down, weight even, butt out.  I'd do it in every city.

The blue trees, boba tea and my aching calves lured me in to Westlake Park for a sitsy.  What made me stay  for a few extra minutes was Anthony, "I like the statues, because no one ever has to sit on the bench alone."

Right next to the needle.  Go at night.  Drool a little.  Pick out which of the $7,000 bowls in the gift shop you would buy if you had $7,000 to spend on a bowl. 

Live Music

Your vacation moves to the next level when there is a constant soundtrack drumming on each block of your adventure.  The Downtown Seattle website even has a map to plan out your live music stops.

We made a trip to Seattle University to see my new girl crush, Sammy D, rehearse on the cello with her string trio.  No big deal.  Just three amazing musicians (One who played with Yo-Yo Ma and opened for Weezer) owning a few movements while a giant Chihuly hangs in their background.  I felt like I wasn't cool enough to sit there on the carpet and watch.

EMP (Experience Music Project)

The Kurt Cobain melodies took me back to 10th grade.  And the Jimi Hendrix guitars took me back to Woodstock.  Grainy Woodstock footage on cable that is.  Currently there are amazing Sci-Fi, Avatar and Horror movie exhibits too.  And they will also email you your horror movie scream photo for free.  We were the villains, not the victims.  Can you tell?

The SAM.  A great way to spend a rainy afternoon.  Or waste a sunny one.  It made me miss my mom.  Because that bottom sculpture would be her worst nightmare.

Seattle Gum Wall

 No, I did not contribute.  And was pretty repulsed by it until I saw Mario.

Seacrest Park

Sammy D and Jesse drove us to Seacrest Park in West Seattle on our last night.  Beautiful.  I'm sure Ryan is very proud of it.

I've added all these stops to my Seattle map as well.

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