Monday, August 20, 2012

heidi in Seattle: Shop

First off, I'm not really a shopper. More of a gawker.

I love visiting creative stores to marvel in their genius and to try and retain some of their ideas that I can work into my own life.

That said, things would change if I were to hit the lottery.  So don't hold me to anything.

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One room, mostly toys.  I thought we were going to breeze in and out of this shop pretty quick. I didn't anticipate wanting to make sure I saw everything.  And didn't think that I would ever lust for stuffed animals again.  But now I do.

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Illuminated globes, travel journals, topographic art. I felt like I was walking into my sister Sherri's Maps board on Pinterest.  And I wish I knew someone with a monster map so I could check it out in more detail.

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Watson Kennedy wasn't even on my map.  Just stopped in after visiting {far 4} next door.  I'm not a thief, but a part of me wanted to sweep into my purse the entire red and white tablescape on display by the entrance and run like hell.  Every last domino.

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Oh, and should the black striped glitter candles that Jill made for our Wicked party ever croak, then I will by their less blingy version.

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More of a gallery than a store.  I almost dropped $27 on a sculpture there until Anthony reminded me that I would be carrying it around for the next 5 hours.  It was heavy.  That isn't it below, but who doesn't love a siren?

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A gift store.  The kind of gift store that sells Go the F*ck to Sleep.  I could have done all my Christmas shopping there.  But didn't of course, because I procrastinate.  They even have a store in the airport now.

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Lifelong AIDS Alliance Thrift Store

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Thrifting floats my boat, especially in places away from home.  People's trash in Seattle could be a steal in Phoenix.  And sometimes I get emotionally attached to items just because I want to be friends with the previous owner.  Like the posh soul that carried around this quote adhered johansen purse. I wish I knew what that quote was from.

 Retrofit Home
photo from Retofit Home facebook

The reupholstered furniture is the coolest.  And it is just down the street from Cupcake Royale, so you can pull a, "Oh, crazy! Cupcake Royale is right there...I had no idea. Let's grab one quick."

photo from Retofit Home facebook

And, because you can't cram everything into one trip, here are the stores on my list that I didn't make it to but are still on my map for a visit:

Archie McPhee
The ReStore
LUCCA great finds
Red Light vintage
Honeychurch Antiques

OK.  Full disclosure.  I didn't go home empty handed.

I stopped in the Macy's downtown while Anthony and Jesse were gaming and got a new big-ass hat and a red scarf.  Giant lids don't go on clearance for $17 in Arizona so I couldn't resist. And yes, it counted as my personal item on the plane and I carried it on my lap.

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