Monday, July 23, 2012

DIViji: Office

Come with me to Viji's second floor.

Past the bird art and the railing of tears.  

Don't touch the railing though.  I'm serious.  I need that to last for 100 years.  For my sanity.

And head over here to Viji's office.

Office BEFORE:

Office AFTER:

A vibrant space for learning, working and crafting.

Viji and her kids made the art hanging behind the desk one laid back home weekend.  I love it.

We rearranged the furniture so that it makes better use of the space.  You know, fought our human tendency to shove everything up against the wall.

And added a chalk board and white board.

"Think before you ink."  I'd do well to remember that one.

A Billy bookcase is the new craft and school supply storage recpticle.  Viji found some baskets that she liked and labeled them for supreme organization.

I asked about adding the mini kid's table to the garage sale since her kids were older now, but Viji said, No.

Because that is where SHE creates.

Where I see an instant rump ache from a toddler chair, Viji sees her tiny table of inspiration.  

Craft on my friend with a small, tight tush.  Craft on.

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