Thursday, July 5, 2012

DIViji: Family Room

Viji's family room is right off the kitchen and is the space in her home where she spends the most time with her family.

She wanted new seating and to brighten up the space using her favorite color, blue.  I picked out a blue for the walls and she chose one in the paint flip book that was even more luminous.



That is one of the things I love about Viji.  She is fearless.  She knows what she likes and wants and isn't afraid to smear it on the wall.

The lone cabinet left of the entertainment center needed to stay in that corner for religious purposes, but we removed the orange curtain and lined all the glass with a reflective contact paper.

The piano from the living room was moved into the family space by 4-6 strong men.  Not by Jen and I, despite our best efforts.


There is a space in the wall for a TV, built back when the idea of a 60" flat screen television was still a pipe dream.  We got quotes from different builders and eventually Viji is going to do a built in cabinet with shelving to complete that space.


The butterflies were Viji's new addition since I had completed my work.  I love large quantity and repetition in decorative accents.  



There is still one empty frame above the piano that Viji wants to use as a shadow box.  We tried out a few things, but they weren't right.  The shadow box filler is now a fun quest for Viji and her kids to find something meaningful.

I took all the pictures in the frames on a Sunday afternoon back in November.  All around their beautiful neighborhood.

Now, take a good look at that piano, and tell me how ridiculously heavy you think it looks.

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  1. You took those pictures????? You are the complete package!