Monday, July 16, 2012

DIViji: Guest Room & Laundry

Viji's Guest Room and Laundry Room were more about color and shopping.

And less about creating.

But maybe a little about hanging too.

The guest room is right off of the kitchen and laundry room garage entrance on the first floor. So, while yes, the main purpose is to host family and friends while they visit, during the school year it acts as the first place to drop off school effects.

Guest Room BEFORE:

Guest Room AFTER:

Updates included:

~ Paint: She chose the same green as her kitchen since it matched the bedding that she wanted to stick with.
~ A repaired curtain rod and new curtains from JCPenny
~ New above the bed art from Home Goods
~ A new bedside cabinet from IKEA large enough to hold the kid's back packs.

The adjacent laundry room is their main entry in and out of the house through the garage.  She couldn't handle walking through the path of sterility any longer.

Laundry Room BEFORE:

Laundry Room AFTER:

Updates Included:

~ Fresh paint
~ Canvas art from JoAnns
~ Wall hooks from Home Goods

The wall hooks are glass knobs that Viji fell in with at the store.  To make them solid we used drywall anchors and then twisted the knobs in where the screws would normally go.

Great for kid's coats.

Or purses.

Mostly just purses.

Oh, and I loved it when we were shopping for the art next to the door.  I was grabbing out everything that matched the wall color and she stopped me and grabbed the two that she wanted.

We've got to use these.  This is what I want my kid's to see before they walk out the door each morning.

"See your course and Soar"

"Stand a little taller.  Make each day a little better than the one before."

Best choice yet, Viji.

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