Monday, October 31, 2011

Caramel Apple Pig Out - (Pun Intended)

About a month ago I was at the bowling alley with friends reveling in the high of breaking 130 and swimming in about half a pitcher of Blue Moon.  134 sans beer would have felt pretty amazing, but 134 with a floating beer soaked orange chunk?  I felt like I could conquer the world.  When Halloween came up I volunteered to throw the party - with dry ice punch! - and amazing homemade costumes! - and finger foods shaped like real sawed off fingers still leaking blood!

Fast forward to last weekend.  The big event!  Motivation and energy was low in all. (Lacking Vitamin C from Blue Moon soaked orange chunks? - maybe)  All they got were some apples and bacon.  For real.  
'Amazing Party' instead became 'DIY Caramel Apple Night' which in turn became 'Kinda Fun and Tasty Halloween Event That We Might Repeat.'

We followed Suzie's recipe, and even listened to the review tips about just dipping them in the 4-cup Pyrex cup that you use to melt the caramel in the microwave and refrigerating the apples before and after.  Dip options included almonds, sprinkles, chocolate shell, crushed Oreos, cashews, raisins, peanut butter M&Ms, mini choco chips and bacon.

I don't eat bacon, but it has such a cult following lately that I decided I needed to throw some on a caramel apple and make everyone try it.  I tried it too.  Something about sweet, salty and greasy that definitely starts the engines in your lady parts.

Yup, adults made the ones below.  I never said it was a clean party activity.  My fave was the cashew, raisin and chocolate chip combo.  That's right, lookin' at you Hot Stuff.

 Uneaten creations got bagged up and sent home.  I don't have the willpower for keeping that around...

let alone the giant bowl of Snickers that I am supposed to hand out tonight.  But, one more won't kill me.

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