Monday, October 24, 2011

Sweet A$$ Photo Mosaic

What do you get for the friend in your life having a milestone birthday...that doesn't need or want anything...except for maybe an evening at the casino all by himself?  For that person that is a riot to be around and has orchestrated some of your life's most memorably awesome moments because of his sarcasm and wit?  The answer was obvious to me: Give him something that the rest of us, his friends, want for ourselves.  A giant photo mosaic of him, made of of tiny pictures of him from some of OUR favorite memories of him. Obviously.

With the help of Mr. Schatze, I gathered up some of our favorite pictures of our friend.  Let's call him Jeff.  Like Jeff's photobomb face:

Jeff racing (and beating) another friend in a Germany stair race:

Jeff demanding a time documentation in Amsterdam:

I followed the tutorial from this site that did a sweet photo mosaic of a mother and her kids, then ordered the print from Walgreens who had it ready in an hour. It is kind of amazing to just have a collage of tiny Jeff moments.  I will treasure it forever.

We patterned all the tiny pictures on our favorite documented church photo from a friend's wedding and framed it in an affordable Ikea frame.  Look at how happy he is to receive a big framed photo of himself for his 30th birthday!  He is happy because he thinks that it is a joke and he can fill the frame with a different picture.  His wife has it on the wall, which makes all the rest of us happy.  The world is a better place with Jeff and his sweet-a$$ mosaic face.

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