Thursday, April 11, 2013

Operation Listing: Lipstick on the Kitchen

At this point in Operation Listing, our house felt like new.  

Fresh everything.

Except the kitchen.  Still stuck in 1985.  Showing up to the party in a crusty laminate countertop and saggy old fridge drawers.  With a hot box that advertised the hours she'd spent cavorting with random turkeys throughout her 20s.

When we started Operation Listing, we budgeted $5,000.  And we had already spent it on paint, carpet, new rock for the backyard, cleaningdecluttering and general repairs.

The budget was created after review of comp houses sold in the neighborhood, including a home down the street with the exact same floor plan as ours.  Unlike ours, it had a pool.  But also unlike ours, the home was not in good condition.

It sold in August 2012 for $165K.  We hoped our sprucing could get us somewhere near $175K for ours.

Comp house down the street:


Now, back to the party with Kitch from 1985.

It's October 2012.

We've been working hard and just want to be done.  Nervous and anxious to get our house listed before the holidays, I checked out the comps again to see where things were at.

Hmm, interesting.  Same comp house down the street is on the market again.

For $225K.

Sale pending.

I was completely amped and wanted nothing more that to turn Kitch 1985 into Prom Queen 2012 and up our listing price.  After talking it out with Mr. Schatze and our realtor, I got some quotes to see how much it would cost us.

Well, Prom Queen was out of the budget, so I looked for 'B' Honor Roll instead, with a part-time job, involved in some activities, you know, well rounded.

Low Grade Granite countertops to include a new sink - $2,175
Stainless fridge, dishwasher, oven and microwave - $1,731
Faucet - $124
Cabinet hardware - $30

Total - $4,060

We pulled the trigger and threw up a little bit. Praying we didn't make a mistake.

Way better.
Kitch Classy.
Kitch with a bright future.

What? It's the kitchen that sells a home? Then do your thing Sista!

Things I learned from Kitch 1985 and Kitch Classy?

♦ Pacific Sales gave us a great deal on all the appliances and I will go there again. And I wish they were paying me to say that, but they're not.
♦ I like two sinks and I like them the same size.
♦ I'm in love with the Kraus faucet we got and hope that we meet again someday soon.
♦ Granite isn't for me. Well, at least not cheap granite. Do they make granite that doesn't require routine sealing and doesn't stain from olive oil and red wine? I'm sure I can't afford it if they do.


  1. Pretty amazing transformation! I think yours turned out much better than the comparable house. Your has a much cozier feel to it, and for some reason the floor really pops now!