Friday, August 9, 2013

I ♥ ...

I ♥ Survivors.

Remember the palm tree that wasn't getting any water because of the broken irrigation line? It increased the urgency of our Digging Project for the landscape retaining wall. We didn't want it to die.

Well, here it is now!


Let me give you a better angle.

Beyond dead.

If killing plants and trees were a punishable crime I'd get life for sure. Or maybe even lethal injection from the sap of some poisonous and vindictive vine from the Amazon Rainforest.

I've laid to rest enough basil and tomato plants to make a weeks worth of slow-simmer-sauce for the entire country of Burundi.

When we first moved in, I absentmindedly offed a potted lemon tree.

A couple of weeks ago, one of those cute little rosemary bushes.  Oh the delicacies we were going to enjoy. The water I fed didn't slow her shrivel and dry process at all.  At all. I grumpily walked her out to the empty trash container at the side of the house and dropped her in.  The brittle needles shot off in every direction and the beautiful aroma of rosemary swept up out of the can to give me one last slap in the face.

It stung.

I need survivors. For the inside and out. Not just succulents, leafy things too. Please tell me you know of something that I can keep alive. Please, I beg of you.

Oh, and lets keep this long list of plant killings between the two of us.

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