Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fold Top Chalkboard Buffet

A few weekends ago we hauled a fold top buffet home from a San Diego thrift store. 

The long way back to Phoenix. Via Temecula and Palm Springs. 
The back of my Cube was more than congested.

Here's another look at it.

But here it is now.

With a buffet top coated in chalk paint for easy menu labeling.

Here's a better look at the transformation.

In the beginning there were scrapes, waxy gunk chunks, only one top piece that would fold out properly, and minimal character.

I sealed all the hardware holes so I could add updated options.

Painted the insides a creamy white.

And coated the exterior in classic black PolyShades. Hear this. I will never use PolyShades for a big project again.  It was inconsistent and I spent too much time trying to make it right. Next time I put on my big girl pants and stain and poly the old school way.

The chalkboard paint that went on the fold out pieces worked like a dream. I did two coats with a small foam roller.

And lined all the shelves with fabric I had on hand. The drawer and bottom pieces were fabric adhered to cardboard. The shelf was spray adhesive with hot glue finishing the wrapped around edge in the back.

I shy away from distressed furniture, but the buffet looked so much better after some gentle distressing around the edges.

The sad part is that my time with the buffet is limited.  It is off to Rusty Saturday next week.

To join a new happy home with someone who shows it a real party. Not like the pretend one I threw just to test out the chalkboard top.

Not that my pretend party wasn't awesome.

Dirty martinis, macaroons, sliders and stuffed figs...what all good girls are made of.

Will I repeat the chalk top? Yes.
Will I repeat the PolyShades? No.
Did I day drink a dirty martini at my pretend party? A girl needs a few secrets.


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