Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dumb As a Doorknob?

Doorknobs have officially passed us up.

This one, designed by Naomi Thellier de Poncheville, does it gracefully with a handshake.  It says, "Thanks so much for playing.  But...I'm going to go ahead and be smarter than you now."

On the other hand, Hideyuki Nakayama's glass knob makes you feel like a preschooler at a physics conference; excited about the free pens but no idea what is going on.  It reflects the room you are about to enter like it is trapped shrunken inside the little glass ball.

Is someone walking up to answer the door?  Yep, and you can see them coming in the door knob.  Genius!  Wait.  Is that heidi stuffing magazines under her couch to make the living room appear cleaner?  Busted.

I guess I had better stick to the glass private knobs of yesteryear.

look in the attic

thanks Spoon & Tamago

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