Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Babies Can't Read Price Tags

Jennifer wanted something special to bring to the baby shower for her future niece Olivia, but didn't want to spend her monthly grocery budget to do it.  Before knowing the gender her SIL had registered for the bedding set below for $189.

from Babies R Us
What Jennifer was hoping for was something more girly, cute and comfortable without the high price tag. With approval from her SIL she came to me and we figured out on an alternative that matched, was softer, personalized and partially made by Jennifer herself.

We bought the $20 blanket that matched the original quilt, less than $30 of extra fabric and used random fabric strips from home. (Plus two bottles of wine and some guacamole from Trader Joe's).

Next time we won't even worry about buying the matching blanket since we know we can rock out an amazing matching quilt from scratch at a fraction of the cost.  Little Olivia will feel snugly and loved...while Jennifer pulls into a comfortable lead in the race for favorite aunt with the silky ruffle edging.  Well played Jennifer.

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