Monday, April 9, 2012

DIViji: Every Rose Has Its Thorn

I think we've talked about this several times before. The fact that I often don't stop to think about the process or the journey.  I jump head first into the destination.

That happened again at Viji's.

When we were planning out the nook area in her bedroom, I thought it would be a pleasing touch to blow up some of her flower pictures and work them to perfectly match the wall color. The wall photos looked so cosmopolitan in our Photoshop rendering below.

Dear Future Heidi,
Just because it is easy to coordinate something in Photoshop does not mean that it will be easy in real life.
Likes to Get Things Right the First Time Heidi

It took several rounds of sample photos...

...brought to Viji's to verify it with her wall color and lighting.

I had a paint color sample at my house, but Stresses About Things Heidi didn't feel like she could get a good enough read on it unless she had two feet in Viji's love den.

After the coloring was worked out, we cut pieces of hardboard into 24-inch squares.  And when I say 'we' I mean Mr. Schatze.

Then I used flat black spray paint to cover all the edges.

Side note: I got carded at Home Depot when I was buying the spray paint.  It felt good.  Regardless of the senility of the dinosaur that asked to see my ID.

Next, I cut the photos down to size with my rotary cutter.  

Please don't tell my mom that I used a fabric cutting tool to cut paper.

Mr. Schatze was a huge help when we adhered the photos to the boards.  I gave the photo and its wood partner each a good coat of spray adhesive and he guided the photos onto the right spot.  Definitely a two person job when your photos are 24 inches square.

After the adhesive had some time to dry, I gave each one a good coat of polyurinestain.

Oops, I'm sorry.  I meant polyurethane.  About five years ago I threw out poly-urine-stain to amuse my husband and it is now in the vernacular at our home.

Quick lesson on our home dialect:

1. To protect furniture and other projects you apply a few coats of polyurinestain.

2. When a seed sprouts in the herb garden it has sperminated.

3. When you put an inappropriate amount of syrup on your pancake, you have molestered it.

I fear that I may have just revealed too much about our bizarre sense of humor.  Focus instead on how nice the photos look at Viji's.

I also fear that Future Heidi is going to be just as reckless as she is today.  Worrying about the process only asphyxirbates the creativity.

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