Monday, October 13, 2014

Birthing Britto

Do you know Romero Britto?
You know Romero Britto.
He was the artist behind the piece that Jason Hoppy gave to Bethenny Frankel for their wedding.

Romero Britto.

He is a master at mixing patterns and colors and amusement. Much like my Grandma with her salvage quilting. So his style was a natural fit for Lincoln's nursery.

But an original commissioned Britto was not in the budget. I had to embrace Photoshop and make a version myself.

I had a large frame that I'd spray painted white and I made the image dimensions so it would fit inside. I printed it at FedEx Kinko's and paid extra to have it on foam board. There is no glass in the frame so having it on something sturdy made it much easier to handle and assemble.

Lincoln's robot bank was Britto inspired too. Which inspired Lincoln to make an entrance.

You see, we received a ceramic bank stuffed with cash from lovely friends at our baby shower. Complete with painting supplies. When my due date had come and all the projects were complete but no baby showed up, I got to work on the bank. Meticulously painting Britto styled details for the next six days.

It was an activity I could do in a chair.
With my feet up.
With Netflix automatically progressing through Morgan Spurlock's Inside Man episodes.

On the sixth night of painting
Of waiting for a baby
At about 11:00 pm
I finished my Romero Britto inspired robot bank.

About 5 hours later my next project started, Project have a baby.


Thanks Romero Britto.

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