Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Lincoln Bedroom

Meet Lincoln. Our baby schatze.

He's almost 3 months now and, yes, I have been greedy in not sharing him with you. I've been busy.
Kissing cheeks
Rocking to sleep
Sitting and staring
Cheering for poop
And burps
Chasing smiles
Stifling worry
Embracing deliriousness
Filing away the sweet smell of baby
Being grateful. We're beyond grateful.
Lincoln is not greedy though. He said I can share his bedroom with you.
For now, just the sights.


The details about his sensory board, the quilt his great grandma made, custom shelves, club rocking chair and personalized room décor...those will come later.

And updates from Lincoln, they will continue later too.

Right now? Snuggle-thirty.

...beyond grateful.

:photos by Patchwork Photography

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