Monday, September 9, 2013

Burlap & Glass Showgirls

While in Las Vegas last month, I took a Sunday afternoon trek to an estate sale.

8 minutes off the strip.
Gated community.
Ranch style dwelling.
Green grassy lawns fuller than small town Minnesota.

Most of the 'finds' I was hoping for were still overpriced with an hour left of the sale on the last day, but I did nab some glass lamps. I could relate to the chunky bases.

But they needed new lids. Better shades. The picture doesn't show it well, but there were rips and stains that drew the eyes up in a bad way.

I searched for cheap shade transformations and found this burlap lamp shade tutorial. It is gorgeous. You should definitely click through if you haven't already. And I followed their steps.

With black.
And the slanted shades I had.

Let me be clear about something. Know this if you are going to make them yourself.

1. The photos don't convey how much black burlap fuzz was all over the house. 

At the ironing board. 
On the table. 
Somehow in my tank top. 
I can only imagine that my boobs itched more than that time Anthony and I went to Hawaii before we were married and I convinced him to shave his chest and then it got razor burned and sun burned on top of that.

Maybe my itch wasn't quite that bad. Irritating nonetheless.

2. There is serious risk for hot glue burns. Its called hot glue. Melts out of a gun. I knew it was hot. And continually stuck my finger in it without letting it cool a bit first. 

Don't be a Heidi...with a glue gun or on Waikiki Beach. They are both reckless and ruthless.

But the results were worth the temporary pain.

And I'm just talking about the lamp shades.

The shaved chest was a bad idea all around.

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