Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shop: Sweet Salvage November

You remember Sweet Salvage, right?

Of course you do.  We talked about their Wicked event last September.

Tonight was the Comfort and Joy preview party.

Joy? Immediately.

Comfort? Only after a glass of wine to quell my bubbling excitement.

It is the season of giving.

But tonight I was thinking only of myself.

My wants.

My needs.

Because by way of a Christmas miracle, I won 15 glorious minutes to shop tomorrow morning before the doors open at 10 AM.

Myself and 4 others winning the golden tickets to enter a Wonka worthy alcove of decor magic.

I hope I don't end up like the pudgy, glutenous kid from the movie that can't handle himself and floats off in a river of chocolate.

Augustus Gloop?

I'm sure that the greedy-kid-river at Sweet Salvage is made up of glittered pine cones and gilded frames.

Honestly, I'll likely end up in the powder room area.

(Suitably decorated as Christmases past, present and future.)

Where I will weep tears of joy while calling the bank to raise my credit card limit.

So that I can buy this entire corner display.

Gold tree.
Silk dress.
And mirrors.

Stop. I know I'm not getting all that.  Don't burst my bubble.

It is only 15 minutes in the morning, but I still have a whole night of Sweet fantasy.

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  1. Heidi your words and pictures- divine! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend of "Sweet!" You are darling!