Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Craft: Intel

I survived my first craft fair!  I did more than survive...I met some amazing people, got great ideas and only ate one of the delicious cookies they had out for everyone.  And by 'one' I mean one per day.

I am currently working on two of these custom cactus plates for a lovely lady that had family visiting Arizona for the holidays.

I finished a rush order of the snowflake plate to be given this weekend to a visitor from England.  I am so excited that a piece of my art will be in England!  So excited that I forgot to sign the back before I handed it over...I guess William and Kate won't be calling for an order as soon as I thought.

Browsers thought these two designs were fun and festive:

Generally, I label my style as sassy and contemporary rather than cute, but I would call the snow people ornaments I made 'cute' ... or 'cutetastic' and I love them.  So much that I just want to keep making variations all day.  My husband would be so pleased if I did that...maybe.

Next step etsy site.

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