Monday, May 14, 2012

Patty Gets A Jacket

I got chills, they're multiplyin', and I'm losin' control
Cause the power she's supplyin', it's electrifyin!

And by 'she' I mean my friend Lori.  Who stole the show as Patty Simcox in Luverne High School's magnetic 1997 rendition of GREASE.

It's obvious from the yearbook photo, right?  There's Lori in the front and center with only Marty Maraschino (like the cherry) and Roller Waitress at her heels.

She became Patty. Lived Patty. Breathed Patty.  And now, 15 years later, she is bringing Patty back her bedroom.

No.  That's not her bedroom there.  That is the hotel we all stayed at after her posh bachelorette party.  Right before the pizza guy showed up. Around 3AM. Yes, of course she answered the door.

Lori's wedding is this summer, and in keeping with the tradition of tailoring risque role-playing boudoir outfits for my engaged friends, I made her that Patty Simcox inspired number.

But I didn't call it 'Patty Simcox'.

You heard that right.  Patty Suckscock.

That waiter heard it correctly too.

If you are familiar with Grease, you know that Patty wasn't part of the Pink Ladies.  She was a cheerleader, student council officer and honor roll representative, but not quite badass enough for club inclusion. 

You know who is badass enough? Lori.  She was all those good things that Patty was.

And also, got pulled over for driving us around town when we were 14 and didn't have licences, got a loitering ticket outside the Subway, and even donned the rubber gloves that poured fox pee on the cars belonging to the senior guys that had peed on, egged and floured my car.  

One of those cars belonged to her boyfriend.  

And when that boyfriend's mom called the next day to inquire about if we had poured it directly into his heating system (we hadn't) and, why would you girls do something like that, Lori calmly asked if she knew about the things they had done to my car, shared a few, and then ended the conversation with a smile and likely a "Yep, you bet. Take care!"

She was born to have that jacket.

I considered making the jacket say "In-The-Pink Ladies" but didn't.  Because even I know when things are going too far. 

Or maybe I just didn't want it to detract from the Scotty dogs doing it doggy style on the poodle skirt.  I forget.

For the accessory pack I serged a pink organza neck scarf and then purchased the items below.

Those tassels?  They are the 'shirt' that goes with the look.

And those shoes? The only size left was Lori's.  On clearance for $5.

If that isn't a message of  <in the voice of your chosen deity>  "Go forth, my child, with your Patty Suckscock and spread joy to the world."  then I don't know what is.

Some things from our pasts will stay there.  Some will be inappropriately adapted for the future.  And some, if we are lucky, will be constant, like the friendship of our Patty Suckscock that supports us through automobile vandalism via animal urine, countless batches of monster cookies, some pole dancing, and all the beautiful adventures yet to come later in life.

What's that you say Lori from 1998?

 I can't speak for LHS, but I will speak for the waiter from the bachelorette party.

"Thanks again ladies.  And congratulations Patty Suckscock."

Project Info:
Jacket: Simplicity Pattern 2812 Bodice with shawl collar and sleeves (no bottom)
Poodle skirt tutorial: Made
Pick up riffles under the skirt: Melly Sews
Cat eye glasses: Party City
Tassels and Shoes: (Mom, don't click on this link) Fascinations


  1. Best.One.Yet. Not a detail was missed. You are awesome. :)